Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blam by Roy Lichtenstein was originally All American Men of War #89 by Russ Heath.  And here I present to you "Bang" by Aaron Kaneshiro.  The memetic transmission of ideas from one artist to another lead to infinite redundancy and connectivity.  Here I tried to draw a parallel between the world of Davey Crockett and Science Fiction.  Boys with their guns in the wild, facing down adversities with violence and square jaws.

Here I am trying to incorporate the EC/DC comics style of the 50's more.  The one principle I stumbled on today was the fact that line widths express lighting and give objects volume through subtle variation.  In Japanese work it is more common to see a uniform line that encompasses every object with the same width, and depth is created more through observed shapes.  Using a brush more than not seems to help.  There's a great sense of dynamics they communicated with in that era in the line widths and accents.  I hope to obtain the secret eventually...

As I near the end of my 20's, there remains a soft spot and a deep devotion to drawing comics.  There is little for the cartoonist other than a bizarre sense of excitement that stems from practically nothing, a wintry, blank world that stretches out into infinite blank invitation.  I love comics and will not stop drawing them.  What results will be interesting, I hope.

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