Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Alien Invasion Volume II
Lala Albert, NYC
Self Published

 While in NYC, I was given this Zine by the artist Lala Albert at a private comic book sale near Chelsea in Manhattan. 

The cover was a day-glow reference to our lost adolescence.  I first encountered her drawings in Vice Magazine a year or two ago.  The eyes and the Anime faces were a mysterious combination of artistic concentration and utter kitsch that were fascinating and hilarious...

She also did quite a good job with her piece that appeared in Happiness #2 this year, a Zine printed in NYC by Leah Wishnia.  http://happinesscomix.tumblr.com/
Initially I assumed her work to be done by a 19-21 year old male.  The subject matter never varies.  The women are waif-like and always sport the grotesque, reptilian eyes.  The consistency of this theme, application and prolific output speak of maturity which conveys the irony.

The naked woman theme and the strong presence of Anime influence and science fiction aspects definitely make one cringe, however.  Had this art been entirely sincere, and done by an older male, it would denote severely stunted sexual development and warped consciousness...

Often people I show this work to react with either confusion or laughter, but some people say "These chicks are hot," which makes me start laughing at them.  In any case, it's a theme which has a design element and a trademark I can stand behind.  . . . Because I have an art degree and used to read cyberpunk manga as a teen.

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